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The other reason I've been sleeping like crap - I'm out of the habit of sleeping on my own. But Wife is home now, and sitting on me as necessary to keep me from over-doing it in general.

We still went out to see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 this afternoon, which I very much enjoyed. Cut just in case - I don't get into detailed spoilers, but for those as are still wary. )
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Dear adorable small cat,

I love you too. Now please stop trying to climb up and lie across my chest so I can't breathe. (More than I already can't breathe because bronchitis.) Try following your sister's example, and curl up next to me for a change! ...okay, stalking off and leaving the room is also an option.

Dear Hogwarts,

THANK YOU FOR LIKING ME I LIKE YOU TOO. (Annual review! Positive results! And yes, I did say something very similar to this to my boss.)

Dear wife,

Oh thank God you'll be home today. We can haz naptiem?

Oh dear.

Aug. 19th, 2016 01:25 pm
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Monday: Come home. Internet is out, for no clear reason. Wife calls Internet Provider. They do not have any appointments for Tuesday, how about Wednesday? No, Wednesday is the (one!) day this week when Wife has to come into town, rather than work from home. We settle on Thursday.

Tuesday: Due to other commitments, I get home late. Internet has been up and down, wife tells me.

Wednesday: Get home at normal time. Internet is up (after being down that morning). Internet Provider calls and suggests, since internet is working, that we can delay appointment. Wife reluctantly agrees.

Thursday: Get home just as the heavens open with a wicked bad thunderstorm. Wife and I consider going out for dinner, then look at the aforementioned downpour and decide against it. Wife and I start making dinner, and have just put ravioli into boiling water when there is a tremendous flash and KER-BOOM just outside our living room window. We have barely calmed our pulses when the power abruptly goes out.

Fortunately, ravioli is cooked. We light candles, and turn on flashlights, to finish fixing dinner. Then we curl up with book (her) and computer (me - I was finishing ripping CDs that I'd borrowed from our local library), before trying to sleep. Have just managed uneasy doze when power equally abruptly comes back on, and we must get up and toddle around, turning off all the lights.

Today: Internet was up this morning. This evening, wife and I are going out for happy hour with my co-workers. Hopefully everything will be cooperative when we get home.
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My gift to wife: flowers (see subject line) and the latest IN DEATH novel by J.D. Robb. (She is half-way through it. Only half-way, because she's getting better, see, which means she has to actually do her homework for grad school.)

Wife's gift to me: THE FORCE AWAKENS soundtrack, and Lego Rey with speeder (and random thug).

...I may perhaps have spent half the afternoon putting together Rey's speeder. And discovering that it actually shoots little Lego bricks when you press the right place. Our cats are so going to regret this. Especially because Lego helpfully included a lot of reloads, in case you (inevitably) lose the tiny Legos.

Also we stopped by the local comic book store, which also sells used books/CDs/DVDs/fun random things that Newbury Comics wishes they still had. Wife picked up two graphic novels, we agreed on an Old Who DVD (Fourth Doctor) and the AH! MY GODDESS movie, and I scored not only the 2012 LES MISERABLES (in which Hugh Jackman as Valjean is indeed, stacked like a brick house), but also the 1935 movie version (wherein Valjean gives off more sparkles than a 1970s anime), and the 1952 movie version (wherein, I am told, there is a happy ending, possibly because Valjean acquires a Sassy Gay Friend half an hour in, who will not tolerate this angsting nonsense).

Then we had a terribly romantic dinner of meatloaf, mashed potatoes and mixed veg. In my defense, the meatloaf was shaped like a heart.
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So last week, Tanya and I went to Iceland for our (slightly belated) honeymoon. ("Iceland? Why Iceland?" Lots of reasons, among them the fact that it was actually warmer there than here, sad but true. Anyway.) First night there, we went out on a harbor cruise, away from the light pollution of Reyjkavik, to see the Northern Lights.

Long story short: we saw 'em. We saw them like I never dared to dream of seeing them outside of the movies.

I called my mother yesterday. It was her birthday. We chatted, as you do, and she asked what my favorite memory of the trip was. The Northern Lights, of course.

She paused, just a second, then asked, "One question. Do they actually move?"

Like dragons of light chasing their own tail across the night sky. Like multi-color shimmering curtains eddying in and out. Like the whole sky lit up with green and white and pale red, so we stood with our heads tilted all the way back like kids at a fireworks show, and slowly pivoted to see it all.

"Yes," I said.
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Tanya and I have wills now, and Durable Powers of Attorney. And we filed our taxes for this year.

I'm not sure what we're doing to celebrate. Possibly eating ice cream. In February. Because we're adults like that. :waggles eyebrows:

Two things.

Oct. 6th, 2013 08:58 am
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First: I am spending my first Valentine's Day evening with my an airplane. Because we are flying to Iceland. To swim in hot water and see volcanoes and hopefully also see pretty electrical things in the air. (The Northern Lights are electrical, right? I clearly fail at science. :wince:)

Second: We are going to DashCon. Is this because of Welcome To Night Vale WHY YES IT IS. And since my wife is totes an ennabler when it comes to going to cons, the registrations have been bought. :-D

So. If anyone has any recommendations for Things To Do, either in Iceland or in the Chicago area... :kitten eyes:
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The re-write of CHASING GHOSTS is now done! Well, mostly done. Still need to go in, and put in italics instead of *emphasis*, and make sure I didn't leave in any [name to be filled in later]. Also there are plots afoot to, y'know, print it and bind it up like a Real Book, so it can be a proper wedding present for Tanya.

For the wedding. Which is happening in a week.


Excited and terrified, yo. Excited and terrified.
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T minus 28 days and counting until the wedding. Both Tanya and I have reached the point where we are simultaneously looking forward to the wedding, and looking forward to it being over.

In other news, like so many, I have fallen into Welcome to Night Vale and have no desire to be rescued. :-D I am a sucker for gorgeous voices, and a certain grade of light-hearted horror. Also, it has been a while since I got to enjoy the fun part of New Fandom Shiny. I'm sure the shiny will eventually wear off, but in the meanwhile, I'll be over here enjoying Cecil's lovely rich voice and laughing at the things he's saying with it.

Holy shit.

Apr. 1st, 2012 12:10 pm
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For various reasons, a lot of stuff that was up in the air is now coming down -- and not into chaos, but into patterns. Which is a poetic way of saying: I am moving in with the amazing girlfriend.

(We have an apartment. An equally amazing one. Ten minutes from where one of my best friends lives. Holy shit.)

(...we move on June 1st. Ohgod.)


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