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Former Roommate Allison is in search of a new roommate for September 1st! For all details, go here. For what it's worth, I swear she is not a serial killer, or if she is, she's really really good at hiding it. Although she is fond of DEXTER. Hmmm.
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There is an enormous set of shelving that Maman built for my very first apartment, lo these many years ago, that has moved with me to every apartment since. It's currently set up in the 'library' (which is a pretty arbitrary designation given that everyone who lives/lived here loves books, and we have shelving in pretty much every room of the apartment, but there you are). Until yesterday, despite the pillages of various roommates moving out, it was full up.

Yesterday, [ profile] faye_noire and I emptied it.

(We also pretty much exhausted my current supply of boxes. Fortunately, there's still four more weeks until we're actually moving, so I have time to get more.)

Today, we went out and saw THE RAVEN, which was cheesy and fun. And now I spend the evening doing more sorting and packing. And possibly disassembling the empty shelving, which is not making this move with us, as the wood is warped and some of the brackets are broken. I feel almost like I should have a decommissioning ceremony.
jennaria: Great horned owl with its head tilted to one side quizzically (Baroo?) which I mean that [ profile] belu has bought huge amounts of water and beef jerky and other such non-perishables, and the rest of us have, uh, kibitzed, and not really worried about it too much. (It is possibly worth noting that Ian is the only one of us in Chez Butterfly who did not grow up in New England and has not yet lived through a hurricane.)

Tonight, he checked with [personal profile] shotboxer and I, then started filling up the bathtub with water. Just In Case.

After a minute or so of the water running, he poked his head out of the bathroom as I passed by, and said, "It's blue! It's almost like we're at the beach!"

I gave him a Look, and continued on to my room. He called after me: "You've really got to learn to appreciate the little things!"
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So I have determined that I need to update my pictures on OKCupid, by which I mean that it might be a nice move to actually have a somewhat current picture that shows, say, the short red hair as opposed to the long blonde hair. So I made the request of the roommates to take pictures of me.

...roommate Ian has gleefully spent half the day pretending like I am a famous actress and he is paparazzi. Which in turn has led to fascinating discussions about what sort of pictures I am looking for, which is my best side, and whether pictures taken from behind are useful in dating-website context, and also a set of pictures wherein I have Mariposa held up in front of my face so I look like some sort of cat-head creature. Not in the sense that I have a cat's head, but in the sense that I have a cat for a head. (Mariposa was not harmed in the taking of those photographs. Squirmy, but not harmed.)

The other half of the day was spent at the MFA with [personal profile] shotboxer, as the Chihuly exhibit was going away, and I was assured (with great enthusiasm) that I would regret it forever if I didn't see it. It is indeed pretty! But I'm not sure it was worth waiting 1.5 hours in line, just to get into the MFA. At least admission was free this weekend (I have a BoA card).


Apr. 18th, 2011 08:36 pm
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XamJapan: Not Just For Ninjas - wherein Katie ([ profile] sylverice2), Thia, and Bryan have Opinions on anime, manga, and video games. The old, the lesser known, the WTF-why-doesn't-this-have-a-fandom our specialty. And con reports. Because going to Anime Boston next week and ignoring it would just be silly. Posts Monday, Wednesday and Friday!

In other news, I went yesterday to get my hair cut and re-colored, as I do about every two months, on account of pixie cuts are not one of those hair-styles that look good when grown out, at least not on me. Red hair with brownish-blonde roots is at least less obvious. We will not discuss why I chose to do this just before Anime Boston, when I am going to be spending two days out of three wearing a wig.

Anyway! Roommate Ian tried to compliment me when I returned home, and rolled a critical failure, mostly because this is the same haircut and the same color I've had since October. He defended himself by claiming he didn't remember I colored my hair. This would be more flattering if I believed this was a compliment to how natural the color looks, as opposed to the truth about his attentiveness and memory. :wry:


Dec. 2nd, 2010 11:35 pm
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Dear Mariposa,

Yes, technically, I can sew teddy bears together while you are in my lap. Clearly this is the case, because I was doing it. (It involved me slouching way back, to the point where I was invisible behind the pile of fabric and half-finished plush squid and when Ian came home he couldn't figure out where I was at first, but it is possible.)

This does not answer the question of what, exactly, is the attraction of sitting in the lap of someone handling sharp pointy things. Seriously. Sense of self-preservation, get you one.

Love, Thia

I tried to dislodge her multiple times, and she kept hopping back up and worming her way onto my lap. Didn't quite dare deliberately stick her with the needle in my hand, although it did cross my mind. I tried brandishing it at her. She sniffed at it, then tried to chew on it. ...yes. Well.

On the bright side, I now have three teddy bears pretty much done, and no longer sitting on a shelf with their heads in their laps. Roommates insisted they were still cute. Sometimes I wonder about my roommates.
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[profile] belu has multitudinous feeds, and likes to read aloud choice bits of them to his hapless roommates. Sometimes he even asks first if we're up for having our faith in humanity broken again.

He wandered in a few minutes ago, waited until I looked up, and read aloud: "'Our men need to know they can count on each other in battle, and we can't have them getting distracted by illicit romantic dalliances. Especially if one's a little blond Adonis farm boy and his buddy's a real tough street kid straight out of Brooklyn. I mean, think about it: What if they lock eyes and abandon their post to start ripping each other's fatigues off, revealing twin sets of glistening washboard abs and at last fulfilling their hidden passions?'"

I blinked at him. "...please tell me that was from [community profile] fanficrants."

"Nope. It was the Commandant of the Marine Corp."

There's probably something I could say here, about how certain anti-gay-rights activists seem really convinced that gay sex is so overwhelmingly amazing that one taste and you'll throw aside everything just to do it again, and what exactly that assumption implies. But I'll at least try to be good.

ETA: D'oh! Someone on my LJ f-list followed the links through, and pointed out that it's from The Onion. Serves me right.
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I just finished Friday, and those photos are all posted (along with pictures from the Yami no Matsuei photoshoot). Actual con report still pending, along with Saturday's photos.

Anyway, I'm working on these in the living room, so my roommates can look over my shoulder. Which leads to things like this:

Stef: What's that in his hand?
Thia, very seriously: Coffee. The true cause of the Avatar State.
Stef: That doesn't look like Starbucks...
Thia: I think it's Dunkins.
Stef: So the Fire Nation runs on Dunkins?
Thia: ...
Stef: Their tea really does taste like leaf juice, though.
Thia: True.


Mar. 15th, 2010 09:32 pm
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Dear roommate-who-should-know-better,

'Samoas' are tasty cookies, made by the Girl Scouts, involving caramel and chocolate and coconut. (Unless you have the alternate bakery, in which case they're called 'Caramel Delites.' Same cookie, though.)

'Samosas' are tasty Indian dumpling sorts of things, involving deep-fried pastry stuffed with mashed potatoes mixed with spices and possibly other things. Please note the lack of caramel, chocolate, or coconut. Or Girl Scouts either.

...dammit, now I want chicken tikka masala. Hmph.
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Today has been a designated Writing Day, which so far has netted me two finished stories and various additions to WIP, as well as the following conversation:

Stef: What are you working on?
Me: "Punishment."
Stef: Ooo, yay!
Me, laughing: That's what I like about you. Whatever I'm writing, you're always so supportive.
Stef: Well, I did kind of commission most of what you've been writing. It's like having my own -- er.
Me: No, please, do finish that sentence.
Stef, brightly: Tea?
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Me: Where do you want to put it?
Ian: Well, eventually my office, but I don't think it would fit as it's set up right now.
Me: Hmm. How about the front hallway? Nobody uses it.
Ian: And does it balance...yes, ha. We should probably reattach the wings to the legs so we don't lose them.
Me: Mmm, yes.
[A few seconds of silent industry]
Ian: You realize this sounds like we're Frankensteining a chicken instead of moving a table.
Me: Eh, what's a Frankenstein chicken between friends?

[And now back to NaNo, where tonight I actually am writing smut. Where's that Sangria...]


Aug. 8th, 2009 12:56 pm
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:discussing sorting out our books:

[personal profile] thesilentpoet: Well, depending on how tired you are when I get home, and how tired I am, I'll help you. I mean, if I can catalog our books... :full-body shudder:
[personal profile] jennaria: I don't know. The orgasmic shiver kinda makes me worry a little.

This is what I get for rooming with a librarian-to-be.
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[personal profile] thesilentpoet, after spending a half-hour on the phone with tech support to try to wrangle our DSL into working: Someone should be out tomorrow.
Me: Well, that's good --
Her: Between 8 and 5.
Me: Um.
Her: I won't be able to leave the house.
Me: Maybe we'll be the first appointment of the day.
Her: I won't be able to sleep in.
Me: At least they'll be coming out tomorrow, as opposed to Monday. With Blogathon on Saturday --
Her: Unless they call and have to reschedule.
Me: ...maybe you should work on your optimism?
Her: Thia, I just set your toaster oven on fire. What optimism?


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