Sep. 7th, 2017

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24: Name [1] anime you wish everyone would watch.

Hmm. My usual answer to this kind of question is SHINGU, which I already talked about in detail on Day 20. (Whoops.) On the other hand, I have evidence (from my own home![1]) that it's possible for people with taste and judgement to not be instantly fascinated with this series, and I refuse to be That Person who insists you have to watch it all the way through at least once before you can have an opinion as to whether you're interested in watching the series all the way through. -_- So, uh, SHINGU with an asterisk where it's like 'first disc and then we'll talk.'

[1] - by which I mean Wife. Not my sister, who was the one who introduced me to the series, and I'm pretty sure would be even more pro-everyone watching it. Not my parents, who Do Not Get Anime - seriously my mother got confused by SPIRITED AWAY, so I'm not holding out hope for her and an entire TV series.


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