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I've been watching "Tidying Up" on Netflix, and was inspired to try to tidy up my desk, as being one of my designated Messy Areas.

So far this has led to the discovery of:

- large quantities of stuff that I should've thrown away ages ago
- equally large quantities of blank (or partially blank) notebooks which I am keeping because I like hand-writing first drafts
- depressingly large quantities of paperwork that I should keep, but needs to be organized...somehow
- two old credit cards that I want to cut up before I throw them away, because I'm paranoid like that
- four old cough drops (still wrapped? so probably still good?)
- 19 cents in pennies
- three books (one read, two I'm halfway through)
- and a really cool mix CD that I'm fairly sure a friend made for me back before we moved South, except I've lost the track listing so I have to listen hard and frantically web-search the lyrics to find out what I should be typing into iTunes. (One of them is mostly in Japanese. Oh, well, 'Track 4' it will remain.)
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Dear hopefully-not-adults setting off firecrackers in the parking lot under my apartment windows,

I know, this is New Year's Eve, and fireworks of all sorts are traditional! But have you also considered: not.


the lady who would really like to have a choice about whether she's up til midnight
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What I think I was supposed to get out of that movie: angsty Draco (Tom Felton was having fun, I could tell), Harry + Ginny 4EVA, Hermione + Ron 4EVA, boy aren't Bellatrix and Snape totes evil.

What I actually got out of that movie: arguments for Harry/Ginny, Harry/Hermione, Harry/Draco, Harry/Half-Blood-Prince and/or Harry/Snape, Harry/Luna, and maybe a smidge Harry/Ron, plus arguments against Harry/Ginny, Hermione/Ron, and Cormac Maclaggen/Anyone At All. Also I spent a fair amount of time rolling my eyes at Dumbledore and the blindness of Harry's faith in same, and wishing we got some development - any development! - of Ginny as a character rather than a love interest.
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By which I do not mean I'm going to share cat pictures. (I mean, probably that too? but not in this post.) This time, I'm posting about Slightly More Epic Than Intended Adventures In Seeing Infinity Mirrors, which is an art exhibit at the High Art Museum in Atlanta.

Cut because long and also photos of pretty. )
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The good news is that all Christmas presents have been procured (and some for next year - we decided to check out a Local Craft Fair that turned out to be Epic, see), and half of them mailed out.

The bad news: Local Post Office only had one station open for mailing packages. :wince: 'Tis the season for long post lines, fa la la la la?
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So I don't have to use awkward links to Google Photo any more?

HERE HAVE SOME CATS. (Fluff is on the left, Pallais on the right.)

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So in preparation for going to Harry Potter World Universal Orlando this coming Christmas, Wife and I are watching the movies and reading the books. I would say re-watching and re-reading, except I never actually watched any movies besides Sorcerer's Stone and Prisoner of Azkaban (STILL THE PRETTIEST), and did not read past Goblet of Fire. I know what happens! I just...wandered away. As you do.

Then I spent the summer reading HP fanfic, and now I'm going back to the source.

So far: Book and Movie 1, as well as Movies 2-5. )
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Every year, my office at Hogwarts hires students for the year - not full on work-study, but 'maybe if students hear the same information from fellow students, they will retain the information maybe hopefully please God.' Occasionally, during slow times, I chat with the students, about such vital things about Best Donut Shops In Atlanta, and Whether Chik-Fil-A Is Really Proper Fried Chicken (consensus: no).

Young Ginny informed me today that she has never watched Monty Python, didn't recognize the 'What is your name? What is your quest?' quote from HOLY GRAIL*, and thinks that Monty Python's movies must be "old." (HOLY GRAIL came out in 1975! "Okay, that's practically late 70s, maybe not that old." Not helping, child.)

*Apparently extra credit on a test was to give the third question. She did not get the extra credit.

In my day, we had HOLY GRAIL memorized. But not MEANING OF LIFE, because that's just silly. Hmph.
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...because I'm fairly sure that Harry Potter And The Half-Blood Prince is not actually about Harry's sexual awakening, featuring Draco, the aforementioned Half-Blood Prince, and possibly Ginny Weasley. (I told Wife this. She made the most interesting faces in response.)

In any case. I have now looked through ~500 pages of Harry Potter fanfic on AO3, and come to the following additional conclusions. )
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Wife and I went! We enjoyed ourselves! We are both still kinda exhausted!

The slightly longer version behind a cut. )

EDIT: Wife has told me I forgot the best part! Down in Walk of Fame (the autograph room), checking to see when we could get an autograph from John Barrowman, and as we walked in that direction, Yet Another Person turned away from asking the same question. Except it wasn't just another fan, it was John Noble, of FRINGE and SLEEPY HOLLOW. We didn't pester him! But we may perhaps have had a moment of OMG HE'S RIGHT THERE, and also OMG JOHN NOBLE IS A FANBOY TOO.
jennaria: Toph thinking, with caption: but what are your thoughts on yaoi? (Toph is my homegirl) which I mean that Wife and I went to see THE SPY WHO DUMPED ME.

It was fun! Cut for details, including MASSIVE SPOILERS, for anyone who cares. )

In other news, Wife and I are playing Lego Harry Potter, and have finished Half-Blood Prince. We're going through and playing the whole series as Story, and then doubling back to play it all again as Free-Play, to Find All The Things. (Also we find it cathartic to be able to run around and Smash All The Things.) However, Lego Harry Potter dates before the period when Lego had the rights to use the voices as well as the soundtrack, so cut-scenes are done entirely in mime. I'm a little sad - Harry Potter has some really epic lines! - but on the other hand, this means we get to see Dumbledore's ongoing wrestling match with his cursed hand, so. Also Snape is the sole teacher not to do the cheerful non-verbal noise that Lego characters use for 'hi there,' which seems legit.
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Back in the day, I was huge into Jane Austen and Georgette Heyer, and lots of their modern-day sisters. Which meant learning about nobility, because 95% of modern Regency romances involve titles for one or both of our protagonists. Is it correct to call our hero Lord Hadrian when he's only a Baron? (No, he'd be Lord Potter.*) Once Ginevra marries the Duke of Thingy, is she Lady Ginevra? (No again - she's Lady Thingy, "Your Grace" for formal.*) basically, dear people who are writing Harry Potter wish fulfillment fic wherein he inherits All The Titles? Harry will not, in fact, wind up as Harry Potter Black Peverell Slytherin Gryffindor Extra, and no self-respecting goblin would call him that, even to wind him up. (Well, maybe just to wind him up.) He would be Harry Potter, Duke of Peverell, Marquess of Gryffindor, Count of Slytherin, Viscount of Black (to arbitrarily designate actual titles), and he'd be called Lord Peverell, with all the rest just sort of...elided underneath, no matter how rich and important they are.

(I enjoy a good wish fulfillment fic as much as the next person! But after the third or fourth or twentieth fic that thinks inheriting titles means piling on the last names, I just...yeah.)

*On the off chance that any of y'all are curious, I checked my memory here.
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It reminds me, via 'you posted these photos a year ago today! :-D :-D :-D', that it has in fact been a year since I brought home Pallais-kitty.

(Here is a picture of her yesterday, flopped on Wife's computer because All Things On The Bed Are Hers, with the possible exception of our other cat Fluff. I regret nothing.)
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So Wife and I have plans to go to Universal Orlando Studios Harry Potter World in a few months. In the meantime, we are working our way through all the books and all the movies and also the Lego video game because it's us and that's about our gaming level.

Also also, I am poking at the Enormous Piles of Fanfic. As you do.

I was briefly in Harry Potter fandom, waaay back in the day before Goblet of Fire even. Since then, it's been on the list of Things I Quite Like But Am Not Particularly Emotionally Invested In. The result is that I'm willing to read almost anything.

My fanfic spree has led me to the following conclusions, which are long enough to deserve the cut. )
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( wife is currently working on the prospectus for her dissertation. This involves sending her drafts through Grammarly. Occasionally, she yells back at the results.)
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Five more shows, and it's split neatly in half. (How can it be split in half when I have an odd number? Shhh, stop logic-ing.)



And the one I haven't decided yet: ELEGANT YOUKAI APARTMENT LIFE. )

I promised myself to get through at least ten anime, so success on that at least. My queue remains ridiculously long, but it's slightly less ridiculous. Slightly.
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...I'm not actually likely to do much of anything different from when she's here, but that's beside the point. (Different food? Not feel guilty about spending time on Tumblr? :shrug:)

It does mean that I can plot to spend a Saturday trying out new anime. (Wife has been Not Interested In Anything With Subtitles, while dealing with end-of-semester madness. Legit.) I've made...okay, I've made negative progress on my Crunchyroll queue, in the sense that it's even longer than when I posted last year, which means I should take advantage and try new things, and decide if it's worth keeping them in my queue. Possibly I will even wander over to Hulu or Netflix.

So. Plan for Saturday: anime! And typing up what I think, because lord knows I won't remember otherwise.

Sunday writing, and maybe finally getting the last two damn chapters done on the YoI fairy tale!

(Ha. Ha. Haaaaa.)


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