Dec. 2nd, 2010 11:35 pm
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Dear Mariposa,

Yes, technically, I can sew teddy bears together while you are in my lap. Clearly this is the case, because I was doing it. (It involved me slouching way back, to the point where I was invisible behind the pile of fabric and half-finished plush squid and when Ian came home he couldn't figure out where I was at first, but it is possible.)

This does not answer the question of what, exactly, is the attraction of sitting in the lap of someone handling sharp pointy things. Seriously. Sense of self-preservation, get you one.

Love, Thia

I tried to dislodge her multiple times, and she kept hopping back up and worming her way onto my lap. Didn't quite dare deliberately stick her with the needle in my hand, although it did cross my mind. I tried brandishing it at her. She sniffed at it, then tried to chew on it. ...yes. Well.

On the bright side, I now have three teddy bears pretty much done, and no longer sitting on a shelf with their heads in their laps. Roommates insisted they were still cute. Sometimes I wonder about my roommates.


Nov. 29th, 2010 07:13 pm
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A NaNo Winner is me!

The story isn't done: heroine and the ghost who lives in her house are still dancing around each other, it hasn't yet come out exactly how the ghost came to be a ghost, and the lawyers who used to take care of the house are possibly up to shenanigans. But I have hit 50,000 words, which is more original fiction than I've written in years. Go me. :-D

And now to step away from the computer. There's a craft fair on Saturday for which I need to have four teddy bears finished. :wince: But Stef has promised me brownies, so even the prospect of much sewing in my future is not a bad one.


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