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MISS KOBAYASHI'S DRAGON MAID: I had seen two things (on Tumblr) about this series before watching it. One was a post talking about how no really, this is incredibly slashy, and one was a post saying ugh, it was sexual harassment as comedy, no actual slash.

Unfortunately, the second was more accurate than the first. Miss Kobayashi acquires her dragon maid on accident, and is interested in her more as a convenience/fetish object than as a person (so to speak) in her own right. Dragon, meanwhile, is inexplicably in love with Miss Kobayashi...possibly to explain why the fuck she puts up with a woman who thinks it's okay to strip her naked in a bar, in front of a male co-worker, and then get upset when Dragon isn't embarrassed enough. Nope, sorry, out of the queue it goes with extreme prejudice.

RE-KAN: High schooler can see ghosts. High schooler gets along just fine with ghosts/spirits/etcetera, actually, although people think she's a little nuts on account of her talking to thin air. Fortunately, she has (mostly female) friends who are okay with her. Also, she has a tsundere best friend, with whom she is ambiguously gay, as is regularly commented on by the other characters.

I love this series. I started this on Sunday and I'm already to episode 7. I can't even explain why! It's just adorable! It's an adaptation of a 4-panel comic, so sorta the style of Azumanga Daioh, except without the really annoying character that wrecked the AD anime (for me). It's just fluffy and friendshippy and this light undertone by slash, and why is there only one season. Wife, on the other hand, regards this with bemusement: she doesn't hate it, but it didn't hit her sweet spot the way it hit mine. :shrug:

WYNONNA EARP: So I am reliably informed that we get a f/f canon pairing late in the first season, and not gonna lie, that was the main reason Wife and I tried this one. First episode, well...I get the Sleepy Hollow vibe they were going for, but it can't yet boast the kind of chemistry that Nicole Beharie and Tom Mison had right off. In fact, it took until the last ten-fifteen minutes before the storyline (and characters) finally caught fire and actually snagged my interest. We'll hang onto it for another episode or two, to see whether the beginning or the ending of the show captures the general vibe more accurately.
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