jennaria: Sanzo from Saiyuki, aiming his gun at the viewer (Sanzo's pissy)
2010-07-20 08:33 pm

I'm pretty sure I've read that slashfic

[profile] belu has multitudinous feeds, and likes to read aloud choice bits of them to his hapless roommates. Sometimes he even asks first if we're up for having our faith in humanity broken again.

He wandered in a few minutes ago, waited until I looked up, and read aloud: "'Our men need to know they can count on each other in battle, and we can't have them getting distracted by illicit romantic dalliances. Especially if one's a little blond Adonis farm boy and his buddy's a real tough street kid straight out of Brooklyn. I mean, think about it: What if they lock eyes and abandon their post to start ripping each other's fatigues off, revealing twin sets of glistening washboard abs and at last fulfilling their hidden passions?'"

I blinked at him. "...please tell me that was from [community profile] fanficrants."

"Nope. It was the Commandant of the Marine Corp."

There's probably something I could say here, about how certain anti-gay-rights activists seem really convinced that gay sex is so overwhelmingly amazing that one taste and you'll throw aside everything just to do it again, and what exactly that assumption implies. But I'll at least try to be good.

ETA: D'oh! Someone on my LJ f-list followed the links through, and pointed out that it's from The Onion. Serves me right.