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When I try to list out all the reasons why, they mostly look silly, because they fall somewhere between 'yeah, it's nice when they do that' and 'but workplaces are supposed to do that'. It's depressing to realize the failures of Previous Workplace by way of contrast.

My Hogwarts boss just stopped by my cube, to give me a little Christmas present (homemade Christmas cookie mix). This is in addition to the nice present that I thought was the department gift (with a card signed by my boss's boss). All the students have gone home for the holidays, I've finished my Yuletide pinch-hit and submitted it, and we are planning to go see The Force Awakens on Christmas Day. (Will we be able to remain unspoiled until then? Stay tuned! Y'all have been wonderful about cut-tagging your spoilers, but Tumblr is Tumblr is Tumblr.) Also we're going to tourist it up a bit: we have been informed that we should check out the local Botanical Gardens, not to mention the Aquarium.

This isn't yet Home in the way that New England is. But it's getting there.

(Awesome Mother-In-Law (one of two - yup, I scored two great mothers-in-law) is moving down to within driving distance this spring. We're making friends and settling in - but it will still be nice to have family that's not a plane ride away.)
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*HOORAY NEW NIBLINGS. By which I mean, of course, that my sister is the proud mother of twins, and I am a proud auntie who is looking forward to going out and meeting said twins in a few months, after the rush of parental units has died down. (My parents are both YAY WE ARE GRANDPARENTS, which I should not find as amusing as I do. But my mother in particular has been so very very careful about 'It's okay if you don't want kids!' I don't. But I am still super-happy about the niblings.)

*Did you know that there was a Santa Fun Run in Boston, first Saturday in December? And by 'Fun Run' I mean 'dear lord people it is right around freezing why are you all in speedos or bikinis THE HAT ALONE IS NOT ENOUGH.' I mean, I am as shallow as the next person, so I appreciated the view! But they still looked cold. (Clearly I really am getting old. :wince:)

*I had the bright idea to do counted cross stitch for my Christmas presents this year. It's a good thing I have a wife, is what I'm saying, because she's the one who points out that maybe I should pick the small easy things, no really Thia, small is good. Which means I have four done, two half-done, and two to go (and of those two not even started, I'm not going to see those people until January some time, so there's a reason for the delay).

*Today is supposed to be writing day. Uh. Let's just say it's a good thing I didn't sign up for Yuletide this year, because I am so not getting stuff written. ...well, maybe.
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(1) My father groks fannishness in ways my mother doesn't. He's admittedly fannish about different things than I am, but he was boasting about owning everything Hopalong Cassidy he can lay hands on. :shakes head ruefully: So, yeah. I am my father's daughter in some ways.

(2) In totally unrelated news, if wanting to make an 8-foot long giant squid plushy is wrong, I don't want to be right. :-D (Link courtesy [personal profile] ickaimp.)