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21: What is the first anime you ever saw?

I've actually already answered that (and apparently I should get in the habit of reading ahead and not tangenting, whoops).

My second (third?) anime was DRAGONBALL. Dubbed, as I recall. My then-girlfriend's boyfriend was way into it, and I was into FROM EROICA WITH LOVE (which has not, to my knowledge, been turned into an anime, not even an OVA), so Girlfriend thought it might be a good match. I didn't hate it, but I wasn't fannish about it.

In writing news: as kind of expected, letting it sit for a week or so meant that I discovered that my writing did not, in fact, suck forever, and I did not have to re-write from scratch. So chapter two of the Yuri on Ice fairytale (now, with Viktor/Yuuri smut!) has been posted.
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I have posted the first installment of this on AO3, here. Whee! (I have an outline, so here's hoping that I can get the remaining three chapters written in, y'know, less than a year. :wince: Not a fast writer, me.)

Also, here is photographic proof that the cats are starting to tolerate each other in close proximity, also featuring my wife's hand and my feet. I repeat: whee!
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For Not Prime Time, I received an adorable BACCANO! fic, Chane LaForet Sorts Out Her Feelings After Breaking a Man's Arm - despite the title, there is considerably less violence than in canon, and considerably more introspection, which makes sense given Chane is the viewpoint character. But there's a gorgeous swelling emotion in the fic, like being on the top of a rising wave, because Claire might be the kind of guy who instantly falls in love (and means it), but Chane needs to think things through. (Also the writing style closely resembles that of a good friend, but she swears she didn't write it, so I eagerly await Friday and finding out who my friend's writing-doppelganger is.)

I wrote for a fandom I've never written before, and a pairing that I hadn't originally offered. Whee? But my recipient loved it, and so did other people, so I can bask in Achievement Unlocked: New Fandom/Pairing. :-D
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* Spent yesterday spring cleaning. The upside: clean house! The downside: vacuuming should not leave me this sore. Boo.

* Went out with friends to a restaurant not even five minutes from our house, which we have driven past hundreds of times but never gone in. Good food, decent prices, and has excellent onion rings, which is not to be sniffed at. Now we know!

* Signed up for Not Prime Time, in part because I actually have Sufficient Fandoms that (a) I would be happy to get a story in, and (b) I could write a story in. It's sorta sticking my toe back in the fannish waters - the only fanfic I've posted for the past few years has been Yuletide, assignments I've snagged off the pinch-hitter's list.
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*Saw MOANA this past weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Soundtrack has been intermittently stuck in my head every since, but at least the songs have been taking turns.

*Snagged something off the Yuletide pinch-hitter's list (again). Got it written in two days! ...just in time for AO3 to crash. Ah, well, that gives me time to get the story looked over and polished, so it's not just HERE IS A THING.
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Not belated this time!

- New apartment
- New job
- New state, new region, all the news
- New driver's license (brand new - okay, not so brand new any more)
- okay so technically my niece and nephew were around this time last year but now I've met them, that totally counts for new
- some fandoms
- some friends
- 51% of a new language (Duolingo is my friend)

- wife (still awesome)
- cats (still fluffy or fuzzy depending)
- car (still green)
- other friends (hello again!)

Also Yuletide has been revealed, and I can now say in public that I wrote Thicker Than Water, Sleepy Hollow TV series, which I picked up as a pinch hit because the requester wanted Jenny and Abby and something about sisterhood, and I thought HELL YES. And then I went and researched European mythology (but not too intensively, because this is Sleepy Hollow we're talking about), and threw in Ichabod Crane being Ichabod Crane-y, and wrote what is totally an id-story for me, because sisterhood is important and sometimes complicated, even when you're not dealing with demons and the apocalypse coming. It...may or may not be readable without knowing canon? The wife was my beta-reader, and she knows canon as well as I do, so no help there. Edit: I now have testimony that it is, in fact, readable and enjoyable without knowing canon! So hooray.
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I have original fic that I'm working on - one completed novel, a sequel that I'm working on (first draft done but dear lord does it need a second draft). Would any of y'all be interested in reading it (and letting me know any egregious NO YOU CAN'T SEND THIS OUT TO EDITORS AND HERE'S WHY problems)?

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I would be interested in reading original fiction (and maybe commenting) if you posted it here.

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Nov. 29th, 2013 06:49 pm
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NaNoWriMo Winner Banner

Next up: re-reading my Yuletide canon so I can, y'know, write Yuletide. Whee.


Jun. 16th, 2013 04:29 pm
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So for my wedding present to Tanya, she requested that I revise my Nano story from 2010 (the lesbian ghost story) into something approximating publishable.

(Best estimate: somewhere between a third and half the way done. Eeek.)

Last night, we were talking about the story, and whether it will or will not include 'the good bits.' (Answer: one of the characters is an extremely repressed Victorian-era ghost, what do you think?) Okay, then, said she: so you'll have to write a sequel.

Said I, unnwisely: What sequel?

So now I have bunnies for not just one, but two possible sequels. And someone who's willing to poke me until I actually write them. On the one hand, yay, because I am a notoriously slow writer without someone poking at me. On the other hand, WTF, where did all this original fic come from?
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First squee: the Yuletide story I got. Tickets, Please is a BACCANO! fanfic that is exactly the story I was hoping for when I asked for something Claire-centric. The author took my request for Claire/Chane, and Claire being 'bloody and awesome - oh, wait, that's all the time,' and ran with it. :hearts:

Second squee: the Yuletide story I wrote. The recipient liked it! So do other people! Yay!

Tomorrow, I'll be heading out early to try to persuade a bus to let me on in Waterbury, so I can get back to Boston before dark. If I succeed, I'll still wind up kicking around Hartford for an hour and a half. But in the meantime, I had good food and a quiet Christmas and good stories and people like my writing.


Nov. 30th, 2011 09:04 pm
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A NaNoWriMo winner is me! And the story is even finished, which is...sadly a new thing. Last year's story, which also hit 50K and won, has sat unfinished all year. Whoops. This year's story is subject to heavy revision, but the first draft is complete.

Next up: Yuletide. And maybe finishing said last year's story, as the girlfriend has read what I wrote, and made puppy-dog eyes at me on the subject.
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[ profile] sylverice2 to me: "If you haven't made your NaNo word count for the day, you don't get to eat Thanksgiving dinner with us."

I started laughing, and she said, "Oh, no, you laugh, but I'm serious!" and I had to explain that no, I was laughing because I knew she *was* serious.

(Goal for today is supposed to be 40K. Current word count: 39,324. Must write faster.)

ETA: 40,054! Although part of that is due to Written? Kitten! (thanks, [ profile] swankyfunk!). Write a hundred words, get a kitten picture. Rewards system at its finest. Especially amusing if writing catboys.
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I caught the bus down from Boston to Connecticut, and am currently sitting on the loveseat in my mother's living room. Her cats are ignoring me so far. This may or may not change as I am determined to be an acceptable heat source, even if I do smell like another cat.

On Christmas Eve and traditions. Contains religious content, for those as care. )

Right. Back to writing. I've promised myself to try to post a story a day from Christmas to New Year's, and I'm still at least two stories short.


Nov. 29th, 2010 07:13 pm
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A NaNo Winner is me!

The story isn't done: heroine and the ghost who lives in her house are still dancing around each other, it hasn't yet come out exactly how the ghost came to be a ghost, and the lawyers who used to take care of the house are possibly up to shenanigans. But I have hit 50,000 words, which is more original fiction than I've written in years. Go me. :-D

And now to step away from the computer. There's a craft fair on Saturday for which I need to have four teddy bears finished. :wince: But Stef has promised me brownies, so even the prospect of much sewing in my future is not a bad one.


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