jennaria: Early S3 Aang in his Fire Nation outfit, trying to sleep (Meek Aang)
Still staying off Tumblr and Facebook for at least another day. But it's's not better. But the paralysis is starting to wear off.

How the hell to explain this - storytime beneath the cut. )
jennaria: Sanzo from Saiyuki, aiming his gun at the viewer (Sanzo's pissy)
Because right now, even the mourning and anger of fellow progressives is rubbing me raw.

(Not my fucking president.)
jennaria: cartoon bunny, standing by the TARDIS, looking confused (Bunny- whowhatnow?) that our internet has returned. Let us hope that it will stay returned.

Otherwise, well, we are still pillaging our local libraries. Should write up what all I've been reading, in the vain hope of remembering the ones I like. And my left shoulder is messed up somehow - details, such as they are, behind a cut for people who Don't Care. )

Wife is home from an academic conference, with another one next month. Fortunately, even with a bum shoulder, I can take care of myself, for values of 'take care of myself' that mean 'play video games and keep the house clean enough that Wife does not despair of me.' Mariposa was ecstatic, because All The Thia Snuggles! Fluff snubbed me, in place of snubbing her actual mother. Wife is okay with this, because it means she doesn't have to spend half a day reassuring Fluff that she was Not Actually Abandoned.
jennaria: Sanzo from Saiyuki, aiming his gun at the viewer (Sanzo's pissy)
For most of the past year, we had internet via Comcast, and it was fairly stable. Then, not quite a month ago, we signed a three-year contract, and; the internet goes down, stays down, ain't nobody happy except maybe Comcast. Grr. )