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Today, I spent four hours and change on my feet, playing handbells.

Tomorrow, we will rehearse, then play in church, then rehearse again, then play our Spring Concert. (If any of y'all in the Boston area are interested: 2 PM, Old South Church in Copley Square. We are playing a lot of Christian music (duh, church choir), but also an arrangement of the Muppet Show theme. I shall be wearing a Janis wig I made myself, and doing my best imitation of a Muppet. While playing handbells. So will a lot of other people, it's not like it's just me.)

Tuesday night is the Boston Handbell Festival, at which we shall repeat our Muppet triumph (:crosses fingers:). Also there will be a lot of other pretty music in handbell format.

In the meantime, I am writing Welcome To Night Vale fanfic, and sitting down, because there is quite enough standing in my future.

...also I have so been failing to post here, so. Um. Hi! Not dead!
jennaria: An English Handbell being rung (Handbells!)
Once again! Come one! Come all! To the sixth annual BOSTON HANDBELL FESTIVAL!

Location: Old South Church, Copley Square, Boston
Cost: whatever you choose to give. Even if that's nothing.
Starting time: 8 PM tomorrow
Attractions: pretty pretty handbell music! Thia being a show-off! And the first-ever attempted merger of handbells and marching band style formations! No really, we've been running our rehearsals late for three months now trying to wrangle those formations into something pretty. Slightly more detail here.
jennaria: An English Handbell being rung (Handbells!)
Today was an excellent music Sunday, and I'm not just saying that because the handbell choir (to which I belong) played two pieces which are right at the line of 'too difficult for us', and played them the best we've ever played them. (Which reminds me: Boston-area folk! Tuesday night, at 8 PM! At Old South Church in Copley Square! Boston Handbell Festival! I promise shiny, in a very real and literal sense! ;-)

Er. Anyway.

So we killed our two pieces ("Jazz Waltz on PRAISE TO THE LORD," which meant all kinds of nasty syncopation and accidentals, and "When The Saints Come Marching In," which is in cut time and wicked fast as a result), and the choir sang a wordless piece that was absolutely beautiful (something by Meredith Monk, if that means anything to anyone?), and also an arrangement of Dolly Parton's "Light of a Clear Blue Morning" which sent chills down my spine. But the capper on everything was the postlude, "Toccatta on Amor Satis Est." 'From a melody by John Lennon and Paul McCartney,' the bulletin noted.

Yup: we left the church to a grand elegant organ rendition of "All You Need Is Love."
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Tuesday, May 18th, 8 PM
Old South Church, Copley Square

Back Bay Carillon
Back Bay Ringers
Merrimack Valley Ringers
New England Ringers
Penobscot Bay Ringers
and the Old South Ringers (my choir!)

Come for the pretty music, stay to see Thia bounce around like an over-caffeinated five-year-old! Or something like that. :-D