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Dear adorable small cat,

I love you too. Now please stop trying to climb up and lie across my chest so I can't breathe. (More than I already can't breathe because bronchitis.) Try following your sister's example, and curl up next to me for a change! ...okay, stalking off and leaving the room is also an option.

Dear Hogwarts,

THANK YOU FOR LIKING ME I LIKE YOU TOO. (Annual review! Positive results! And yes, I did say something very similar to this to my boss.)

Dear wife,

Oh thank God you'll be home today. We can haz naptiem?
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Hello, new people from friending meme!

I feel like I’ve reached some kind of critical mass where no really, I can’t assume that people know certain things. (For a long time, a fairly high percentage of my internet friends were also RL friends, who knew things like my RL name, for example.) So, here is Actual Information Post: which is cut to spare your space! )
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Still staying off Tumblr and Facebook for at least another day. But it's's not better. But the paralysis is starting to wear off.

How the hell to explain this - storytime beneath the cut. )
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When I try to list out all the reasons why, they mostly look silly, because they fall somewhere between 'yeah, it's nice when they do that' and 'but workplaces are supposed to do that'. It's depressing to realize the failures of Previous Workplace by way of contrast.

My Hogwarts boss just stopped by my cube, to give me a little Christmas present (homemade Christmas cookie mix). This is in addition to the nice present that I thought was the department gift (with a card signed by my boss's boss). All the students have gone home for the holidays, I've finished my Yuletide pinch-hit and submitted it, and we are planning to go see The Force Awakens on Christmas Day. (Will we be able to remain unspoiled until then? Stay tuned! Y'all have been wonderful about cut-tagging your spoilers, but Tumblr is Tumblr is Tumblr.) Also we're going to tourist it up a bit: we have been informed that we should check out the local Botanical Gardens, not to mention the Aquarium.

This isn't yet Home in the way that New England is. But it's getting there.

(Awesome Mother-In-Law (one of two - yup, I scored two great mothers-in-law) is moving down to within driving distance this spring. We're making friends and settling in - but it will still be nice to have family that's not a plane ride away.)


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