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[Two key bits of data: the office where I work doesn't call or email us to let us know 'snow is really bad, we're closed today.' We have to call a specific hotline, which - this is the second bit of data - is usually updated, when it's going to be updated, between 5 and 6 AM.]

5:15 AM

:wakes up: :before alarm:

:calls hotline:

"We are operating on a normal schedule."


5:30 AM

:checking Tumblr, noodling around on the internet:

:alarm goes off:

:calls hotline, just in case:

"We are operating on a normal schedule."

:so much for that:

5:45 AM

:time to start getting ready for work:

:calls hotline in vain hope:

"We are operating on a normal schedule."


6:00 AM

:considers calling hotline:

:doesn't: :is bitter:

6:15 AM

:is all ready for work:

:has lunch ready, self ready, everything:

:calls hotline: :one last try:

"The office is closed, due to snow."


:lunch away: :coat away: :self away:
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Mind, I didn't know it was an earthquake at the time. I could feel my desk trembling, and my chair arms, and I honestly thought that someone was doing something elsewhere in the building that was causing our floor to shake. (Our upstairs neighbors have been known to be thumpy.) Either that or I was imagining it. It wasn't until Bosslady came in and said, so, did you feel the earthquake? that I discovered there was a third option.

In other news, I had the pleasure of meeting [personal profile] newredshoes and [personal profile] boundbooks this past weekend. We met up in Boston, and took up seats in a little playground, and talked for two and a half hours about fandom and writing and epic romances that shall never be. And were-corgis. I am fairly hopeful that we didn't traumatize any of the small children who were using the playground for its intended purpose. :-D I am a total introvert a lot of the time, but sometimes it's really, really worth it to get out and meet people.

(Okay, so I've known [personal profile] newredshoes for about ten years (!), all on the internet. Still. It could all have gone epically wrong! Somehow! And it didn't, it went epically right instead. As I said, I'm an introvert: I try not to take these things for granted.)


Jun. 5th, 2009 02:19 pm
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Today is my last day of (not entirely voluntary) vacation! I start work on Monday!

...after totally lousing up my sleep schedule this past week or so. Um. But at least I have a time and a person to report to and everything, so while Job X (the full-time job for which I interviewed Tuesday) rummages around trying to sort itself out, I won't be left sitting around.

(Am also still trying to decide whether DW or LJ is more for the fannish stuff, so I know where to post the 'No, the purpose of fanworks is not to go out-of-character, UR DOIN IT WRONG' rant that's grumbling in the back of my head.)


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