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* Wife and I only went for Friday and Saturday. Total count: two autographs each, looked in at 10 panels total (noped out of one before it even started, snuck into two late because we wanted to see the following panel, snuck out of three before the end either to get to another panel or because the Q&A had hit the 'oh, fandom' point), and lots and lots of art. :halo:

Behind the cut: Favorite Unexpected Thing, Knew It Would Be Hell Yes, In Comparison, Largest Contingent of Cosplayers, a link to photos, and an overview of the Yuri on Ice-centric parts of the con! )
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There are lots of things about going to cons that I remember perfectly! (Bring water. Bring soda. Bring money (and have a clear plan as to budget). Wear good walking shoes, because you will be on your feet more than you expect. The 5-2-1 rule. Etcetera.) I'd just forgotten the following, which inevitably happens a day or so after the schedule is released:

*"Ooo, the schedule! Gotta look through that and see what we want to do!"
* :look look look: "That panel looks interesting...oh, and gotta do this...and can't skip the AMVs..."

(Brought to you by MomoCon scheduling the AMVs and the Yuri On Ice actor panel opposite each other. Along with three other panels that look fascinating. DAMMIT.)
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The short version: the panels were good, sometimes excellent. The attendees were great. The hotel, as a hotel, was wonderful. But the con staff failed at communicating - to each other and especially to the con-goers - and at general con organization. They didn't pay one of their primary attractions (Welcome to Night Vale). And even though I understand why WtNV walked, it was still a bitter disappointment and pretty much ruined the con for me.

On Friday it was great, until it wasn't. )

Saturday was also great, until CRUSHING DISAPPOINTMENT. )

And there was Sunday, the third day. Meh. )

Some links with more details:

On what exactly went down with Welcome To Night Vale, claim and counter-claim. I'm inclined to believe the counter-claim myself, especially as Jeffrey Cranor has said the same thing.

Mark (see above) writes up his experience at the con, complete with death threats because the internet is not always so much with reading skills. Spoiler: he had a better time at the con than I did.

A follow-up masterpost on the various rumors regarding Dashcon. There's a link to the first one, which is a good overview of what all was being said.

ETA: One more post! The official press release from DashCon to Explain All. Especially worthy of note is how they go into passive-voice 'Mistakes Were Made,' and blame the really egregious stuff (the part where they drew up a contract with the hotel without a clear payment schedule, thus creating the clusterfuck of Friday evening, and the part with Night Vale's payment) on different people who are now (of course) no longer with DashCon. Of interest mostly for those who would like the official coda to all the shenanigans.
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When I get home and have access to a keyboard again? Epic post on Dash-con, because holy shit What Not To Do.
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The official theme of Anime Boston 2013 was Tales of Youkai. This meant they'd scheduled several panels that, based on the descriptions in the schedule, all pretty much looked the same: "Japan has lots of stories about youkai, and we're going to talk about them." I paraphrase, but not by a lot. Inasmuch as I went to a truly kickass panel last year on the subject, I knew the basics, and pretty much all the panels looked like they were covering just the basics. Not very interesting.

On the other hand, there were plenty of youkai cosplayers. And trolls, which maybe sorta count as youkai. Lots and lots of (Homestuck) trolls.

Four youkai from the TOUHOU PROJECT series
(No, seriously.  Lots of youkai.  These  are, IIRC, from the video game series TOUHOU PROJECT.)

Friday: Sweets, SAO, and other things that do not start with the letter S. )

Saturday: Music and ghost stories and more SAO. )

Sunday: one last SAO for the road. )

The rest of my photos - which include photos of Rise of the Guardians, Mario Brothers, Ultraman, My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic, Brave, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Kuroko no Basuke, PsychoPass, The Hobbit, Detective Conan, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Revolutionary Girl Utena, Legend of Zelda, Doctor Who, Fraggle Rock, How to Train Your Dragon, Touhou Project, Fushigi Yuugi, Iron Man, Disney Princesses, Trigun, Puella Magi Madoka Magica, and of course Sword Art Online - are all here,  for those interested.  More to be added later, as Tanya took excellent photos, including an even better SAO group, and an amazing Tooth Fairy (from Rise of the Guardians, which was totally the unexpected cosplay hit of the con).
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Not the immediate future, because I am so failing at this whole 'being awake' thing you do not even know. But there will be pictures of cosplayers, and tales of awesome panels (and the Cosplayers who Got Away, as usual), and a bit of grumbling because ain't no con ever been perfect).

The short short version: this was the year of SWORD ART ONLINE, which is still wondrous and shiny thing, and of youkai, as befit the theme of the con. Also Homestuck cosplayers everywhere again, and surprising numbers of cosplayers of RISE OF THE GUARDIANS.

Also also, in addition to my various photos, I have a SWORD ART ONLINE wall scroll signed by the director, the producer, and the English voice actors for Kirito and Asuna. I win.
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There will be more details over on XamJapan starting tomorrow, including cosplay (and Thia's continuing adventures in learning to photograph same); kickass AMVs (and their not-kickass hentai cousins); and overviews of panels both good and bad (because it's no fun if we don't get to rant a little..

But not until tomorrow, because Amazing Girlfriend and I skipped the last panels we wanted to go to and came home, to be scolded by our respective cats and crash out. I've taken tomorrow off work, to do laundry and reassure Mariposa that I am Not Dead and do all the things one usually does on a weekend, but I didn't on account of being at a convention. Whee. I think.

(Most Common Fandom Cosplayed: Homestuck, by a country mile. I was glad that I'd read even as much of it as I have, so I wasn't totally lost like I was last year with Hetalia.)
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"I'm an introvert! How has all this 'going out and being around people' become a thing?" For values of 'being around people' that discount the fact that I've had roommates for some years now. But anyway.

So last weekend, I went to KotoriCon down in New Jersey, with [ profile] sylverice2 and [personal profile] thesilentpoet and B, partially because Stef's favorite dub actor was the Guest of Honor, and partially because Kay and B and I are still stubbornly plugging away at XamJapan, and going to conventions and writing about them is a good thing. (If only because it usually gives Kay something to rant about. My write-up is already up, if you just want the pictures and a quick overview: the short version is that it was a good con, better than I would have expected for 'sponsored by a community college anime club,' but getting there and back was six different kinds of pain.)

Along the aforementioned endless drive, we were talking about other possible cons, some of which are pipe dreams (Anime Expo), some of which are more possible (PortCon). And Arisia came up. None of us have gone to Arisia for several years, partially due to money, partially due to shift in focus. But. "Hey, Thia, you have a shiny new geek girlfriend. Maybe she's interested."

That conversation went approximately as follows:

"So, are you interested?"

"I don't know, let's look at the website. ...wait, they have the Foglios as GOH?! And Doctor Who panels? DO WANT."

So! We will be going to Arisia for Saturday and Sunday. (But not Monday, because I require at least one day to putter around and sleep in and not be social.) still sorta bemused.


May. 11th, 2011 06:57 pm
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If you are interested in looking at the photos I took at Anime Boston, they are here, including the infamous 'you're taking a bad picture!' picture. (And if you're only interested in a sort of best-of, I direct you to XamJapan, which contains such shiny things as both ROSE OF VERSAILLES and INITIAL D cosplay :hearts:, as well as a brief philosophical discussion on the merits of taking photos of Duo Maxwell.)

I, uh, was going to post this link a week ago and failed. Um. Better late than never?
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I have a con report to write up for XamJapan - actually two, if you count the cosplay write-up. (I am perfectly willing to trot up to total strangers and ask to take a photo, where Katie is not. It's a critical skill for a cosplay photographer. ;-)) But until then, two stories!

Train 'em young? )

And the cycle is now complete. )
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Some months ago, the lens cover on my camera got jammed. I keep meaning to take it to the repair shop, but haven’t gotten around to it: the only real problem is that the cover won’t cover any more, or retract all the way. I mention this because, if you notice an odd lurking shadow in the corners of my photographs, that isn’t some ominous ghost waiting to devour Anime Boston: that’s just my lens cover. Sorry. (It didn't stop me from taking a metric ton of photos, mind. Heh.)

Friday: unmade tentacle jokes, subverting the anime paradigm, and how many times can you win the con? )

Saturday: AMVs of great goodness, unexpected catbus, and musical geek bonding in the line for the elevator. )

Sunday: Yip Monsters and quiet. )

A complete set of photos can be found here, including cosplay from: *deep breath* Alice In Wonderland, Angelic Layer, Avatar: The Last Airbender, Bayonetta, Black Butler/Kuroshitsuji, Card Captor Sakura, Carmen Sandiego, Clover, Cowboy Bebop, D. Gray Man, Darker Than Black, DC Comics, Death Note, Doctor Who, Dragonball, Dragonquest 8, Final Fantasy 4, 7, 8, and 13 (as well as FF: Tactics, and possibly other FF games that weren’t identified for me), Final Fantasy: Advent Children, Full Metal Alchemist, Hetalia, Hikaru no Go, Initial D, Katamari Damacy, Kiki’s Delivery Service, Looking For Group, Loveless, My Neighbor Totoro, Naruto, One Piece, Outlaw Star, Phantom of the Opera, Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney, Princess Tutu, Read Or Die, Ruroni Kenshin, Samurai Seven, Sesame Street, Sleeping Beauty, Spirited Away, Star Trek, Star Wars, Trigun, Trinity Blood, Tsubasa Reservoir Chronicles, Where’s Waldo, Witch Hunter Robin, xxxHolic, Yami no Matsuei/Descendants of Darkness, Yugioh, and Yuu Yuu Hakusho, with two sub-galleries for a Yami no Matsuei photoshoot and a Final Fantasy photoshoot.
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I just finished Friday, and those photos are all posted (along with pictures from the Yami no Matsuei photoshoot). Actual con report still pending, along with Saturday's photos.

Anyway, I'm working on these in the living room, so my roommates can look over my shoulder. Which leads to things like this:

Stef: What's that in his hand?
Thia, very seriously: Coffee. The true cause of the Avatar State.
Stef: That doesn't look like Starbucks...
Thia: I think it's Dunkins.
Stef: So the Fire Nation runs on Dunkins?
Thia: ...
Stef: Their tea really does taste like leaf juice, though.
Thia: True.


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