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* Wife and I only went for Friday and Saturday. Total count: two autographs each, looked in at 10 panels total (noped out of one before it even started, snuck into two late because we wanted to see the following panel, snuck out of three before the end either to get to another panel or because the Q&A had hit the 'oh, fandom' point), and lots and lots of art. :halo:

Behind the cut: Favorite Unexpected Thing, Knew It Would Be Hell Yes, In Comparison, Largest Contingent of Cosplayers, a link to photos, and an overview of the Yuri on Ice-centric parts of the con! )
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There are lots of things about going to cons that I remember perfectly! (Bring water. Bring soda. Bring money (and have a clear plan as to budget). Wear good walking shoes, because you will be on your feet more than you expect. The 5-2-1 rule. Etcetera.) I'd just forgotten the following, which inevitably happens a day or so after the schedule is released:

*"Ooo, the schedule! Gotta look through that and see what we want to do!"
* :look look look: "That panel looks interesting...oh, and gotta do this...and can't skip the AMVs..."

(Brought to you by MomoCon scheduling the AMVs and the Yuri On Ice actor panel opposite each other. Along with three other panels that look fascinating. DAMMIT.)
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* Spent yesterday spring cleaning. The upside: clean house! The downside: vacuuming should not leave me this sore. Boo.

* Went out with friends to a restaurant not even five minutes from our house, which we have driven past hundreds of times but never gone in. Good food, decent prices, and has excellent onion rings, which is not to be sniffed at. Now we know!

* Signed up for Not Prime Time, in part because I actually have Sufficient Fandoms that (a) I would be happy to get a story in, and (b) I could write a story in. It's sorta sticking my toe back in the fannish waters - the only fanfic I've posted for the past few years has been Yuletide, assignments I've snagged off the pinch-hitter's list.
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So Wife and I were talking about DragonCon, in sort of the same way that mountaineers who live in the Aosta Valley talk about the Matterhorn (I imagine) - namely, we want to tackle it, but it would be a really big thing.

"Part of it is just the physical toll," says the Wife (who walked with a cane before this most recent issue with her ankle). "I wish I could bring a wheelchair."

"Cosplay," I suggest. "Virtue of necessity kind of thing. Barbara Gordon as Oracle?"

"No," she says thoughtfully. "Maybe Professor Xavier - I don't mind shaving my head. And you could be Jean Grey."

"Hell no, I'll be Magneto," I say, without actually thinking this through beyond volunteering to be Ian McKellen to her Patrick Stewart.

...end result is that now she's looking up how much a Magneto helmet costs, and what exact outfits would be required. We're not even in this fandom. I have seen three out of six X-Men films (not counting any of the Wolverine films, which I also haven't seen). Dear lord, what have I done.
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So we went to Applebee's today (as you do). When it came time to pay our check, we got to chatting with our waitress, and we found out two interesting facts:

(1) If you pay via the little table machines they have there, the machine will allow you to give up to 1001%. (A past table of hers had decided to find out, and had kept hitting the little arrow until it gave out.)

(2) If your tip is high enough (e.g. 1001%), the manager will come out, just to make sure that you actually meant to tip that high.

:rainbow effect: The More You Know!
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Hello, new people from friending meme!

I feel like I’ve reached some kind of critical mass where no really, I can’t assume that people know certain things. (For a long time, a fairly high percentage of my internet friends were also RL friends, who knew things like my RL name, for example.) So, here is Actual Information Post: which is cut to spare your space! )
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For most of the past year, we had internet via Comcast, and it was fairly stable. Then, not quite a month ago, we signed a three-year contract, and; the internet goes down, stays down, ain't nobody happy except maybe Comcast. Grr. )

Oh dear.

Aug. 19th, 2016 01:25 pm
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Monday: Come home. Internet is out, for no clear reason. Wife calls Internet Provider. They do not have any appointments for Tuesday, how about Wednesday? No, Wednesday is the (one!) day this week when Wife has to come into town, rather than work from home. We settle on Thursday.

Tuesday: Due to other commitments, I get home late. Internet has been up and down, wife tells me.

Wednesday: Get home at normal time. Internet is up (after being down that morning). Internet Provider calls and suggests, since internet is working, that we can delay appointment. Wife reluctantly agrees.

Thursday: Get home just as the heavens open with a wicked bad thunderstorm. Wife and I consider going out for dinner, then look at the aforementioned downpour and decide against it. Wife and I start making dinner, and have just put ravioli into boiling water when there is a tremendous flash and KER-BOOM just outside our living room window. We have barely calmed our pulses when the power abruptly goes out.

Fortunately, ravioli is cooked. We light candles, and turn on flashlights, to finish fixing dinner. Then we curl up with book (her) and computer (me - I was finishing ripping CDs that I'd borrowed from our local library), before trying to sleep. Have just managed uneasy doze when power equally abruptly comes back on, and we must get up and toddle around, turning off all the lights.

Today: Internet was up this morning. This evening, wife and I are going out for happy hour with my co-workers. Hopefully everything will be cooperative when we get home.
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Not belated this time!

- New apartment
- New job
- New state, new region, all the news
- New driver's license (brand new - okay, not so brand new any more)
- okay so technically my niece and nephew were around this time last year but now I've met them, that totally counts for new
- some fandoms
- some friends
- 51% of a new language (Duolingo is my friend)

- wife (still awesome)
- cats (still fluffy or fuzzy depending)
- car (still green)
- other friends (hello again!)

Also Yuletide has been revealed, and I can now say in public that I wrote Thicker Than Water, Sleepy Hollow TV series, which I picked up as a pinch hit because the requester wanted Jenny and Abby and something about sisterhood, and I thought HELL YES. And then I went and researched European mythology (but not too intensively, because this is Sleepy Hollow we're talking about), and threw in Ichabod Crane being Ichabod Crane-y, and wrote what is totally an id-story for me, because sisterhood is important and sometimes complicated, even when you're not dealing with demons and the apocalypse coming. It...may or may not be readable without knowing canon? The wife was my beta-reader, and she knows canon as well as I do, so no help there. Edit: I now have testimony that it is, in fact, readable and enjoyable without knowing canon! So hooray.
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When I try to list out all the reasons why, they mostly look silly, because they fall somewhere between 'yeah, it's nice when they do that' and 'but workplaces are supposed to do that'. It's depressing to realize the failures of Previous Workplace by way of contrast.

My Hogwarts boss just stopped by my cube, to give me a little Christmas present (homemade Christmas cookie mix). This is in addition to the nice present that I thought was the department gift (with a card signed by my boss's boss). All the students have gone home for the holidays, I've finished my Yuletide pinch-hit and submitted it, and we are planning to go see The Force Awakens on Christmas Day. (Will we be able to remain unspoiled until then? Stay tuned! Y'all have been wonderful about cut-tagging your spoilers, but Tumblr is Tumblr is Tumblr.) Also we're going to tourist it up a bit: we have been informed that we should check out the local Botanical Gardens, not to mention the Aquarium.

This isn't yet Home in the way that New England is. But it's getting there.

(Awesome Mother-In-Law (one of two - yup, I scored two great mothers-in-law) is moving down to within driving distance this spring. We're making friends and settling in - but it will still be nice to have family that's not a plane ride away.)