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I am stepping away from Facebook and Tumblr because you cannot get away from the latest [expletive deleted] out of DC (and on Tumblr, people include screencaps and don't tag stuff, so even blacklists don't always work). I have hit the 'cannot cope' point - again. Here, everyone, have kitties. Very large pictures of my cats, and link to the sound of cats purring. )
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So you know how I posted yesterday that we were going with some friends to see Hidden Figures?


Cut for minor spoilers. )
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Books: The Lunar Chronicles, of which I've finished CINDER (how was that an ending! Raaar!) and begun SCARLET. The problem is that they're due back at the library tomorrow. Guess I'm going to find out exactly how quickly I can read, and exactly how invested I am in this series.

TV shows: still working our way through Usagi Drop (which is still all kinds of adorable) and Miracle Train (which gets increasing points for explicitly not resolving all its ladies' problems into a forced happy ending). Also started watching White Rabbit Project on Netflix, which is fun in a 'I can have it on the TV while working on counted cross stitch' sort of way, but also very, mmm, surface-y.

Video games: Played through an entire level of LEGO STAR WARS: THE FORCE AWAKENS (which was hard enough that we had to resort to a walk-through to figure out what we were doing), and then our PS3 decided to freeze up and not save any of that. Boo! Boo I say! We're enjoying the game, but boo!
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So I may perhaps have impulse-bought the soundtrack to YURI! ON ICE a few weeks ago, in the wake of Series 1 ending and the euphoria of SO SHINY.

Today, I checked the tracking. My soundtrack finally arrived in the US as of yesterday!

(...still not in my state even, but hey, I'll take my shiny whee where I can get it.)
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Hello, new people from friending meme!

I feel like I’ve reached some kind of critical mass where no really, I can’t assume that people know certain things. (For a long time, a fairly high percentage of my internet friends were also RL friends, who knew things like my RL name, for example.) So, here is Actual Information Post: which is cut to spare your space! )
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...and not just in the sense that I, too, put my name down on [personal profile] st_aurafina's friending meme. More in the sense of trying new things, seeking out New TV Shows and New Fandoms, to Boldly Go where, uh, lots of fans have gone before generally speaking. Or very few fans, given some of my fandoms.

Most recently, this has meant wandering back onto Crunchyroll and trying new anime with my wife, because my queue was reaching intimidating lengths. The results:

OUR HOME'S FOX DEITY - recommended by a panel on 'youkai in anime' at Anime Boston a few years ago. Well, it definitely has youkai in it, but nothing else in it grabbed us. The characters felt bland, and we had no interest in a second episode.

HENNEKO - THE HENTAI PRINCE AND THE STONY CAT - put into the queue because the title looked like pure crack. The anime is, indeed, on the crack side of things, but how high is your interest in a bunch of girls impressed by a guy whose head is firmly in his pants (and, in the first episode's big Plot Starter, stops being able to pretend it isn't)? Ours was...not that high. Out of the queue it went.

ANOTHER - somewhere between mystery and horror. Wife voted that she wanted to know how it turned out, but didn't want to actually watch the rest of the series. I suppose that's what Wikipedia is for.

YURI!! ON ICE - Ice skaters! Realistic psychological issues (which don't get cured in a single episode)! Realistic character development! Realistic romantic development! I adored this series. My wife adored this series. Our cats...didn't care, because they're cats. All the thumbs up.

UTA NO PRINCE SAMA - felt like it was playing 'how many anime tropes can we stuff into a single episode?' Fun, but very predictable. Wife insisted I leave it into the queue so she can watch more of it.

CUTE HIGH EARTH DEFENSE CLUB LOVE! - every year or two, someone decides to create a Magical Girl parody series, with varying success. This time, the idea is that it's boys who transform into the magical girls. The boys object to the uniform a bit, but generally take it about as well as if they'd suddenly been recruited into Super Sentai. Not so much 'funny' as 'what the heck did I just watch.' Left into the queue until I can decide whether I want to give it a second episode's try or not.
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*Saw MOANA this past weekend. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Soundtrack has been intermittently stuck in my head every since, but at least the songs have been taking turns.

*Snagged something off the Yuletide pinch-hitter's list (again). Got it written in two days! ...just in time for AO3 to crash. Ah, well, that gives me time to get the story looked over and polished, so it's not just HERE IS A THING.
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FANTASTIC BEASTS AND WHERE TO FIND THEM: enjoyed the Beasts themselves (no seriously, so pretty) and the possibly-Jewish Muggle character. Tumblr tells me that it supposedly took place mostly in Harlem, which I can't believe - does anyone know if we have anything besides Word Of Creator on that? But my emotional investment in HP canon is low, and likewise my expectations, so I enjoyed it for what it was.

(I wanted to see MOANA, but my mother-in-law was Not Interested, so FANTASTIC BEASTS it was.)

YURI ON ICE: reactivated my Crunchyroll subscription for this (and incidentally discovered that I need to catch up on my queue: I have the bad habit of tossing 'series I might want to check out' into my queue, and then never watching even an episode :wince:) It is so addictive, although I also admit that I love figure skating in general so it was an easy sell. On the other hand:

- canonical gay relationship (still new and fragile as of episode 8)
- does not (as of episode 8) handwave away character's flaws - Victor might be an amazing skater, but he's also self-centered and vain and not good at dealing with people as equals, and I'm eyeing episode 9 warily as it might be coming around to bite him - or Yuuri - in the ass
- character growth that does not feel forced either too fast or too slow (which I realize is a very subjective thing)
- and did I mention the really beautiful figure skating

Next up: no really I need to catch up on my list of anime. Whoops.
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Still staying off Tumblr and Facebook for at least another day. But it's's not better. But the paralysis is starting to wear off.

How the hell to explain this - storytime beneath the cut. )
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Because right now, even the mourning and anger of fellow progressives is rubbing me raw.

(Not my fucking president.)
jennaria: cartoon bunny, standing by the TARDIS, looking confused (Bunny- whowhatnow?) that our internet has returned. Let us hope that it will stay returned.

Otherwise, well, we are still pillaging our local libraries. Should write up what all I've been reading, in the vain hope of remembering the ones I like. And my left shoulder is messed up somehow - details, such as they are, behind a cut for people who Don't Care. )

Wife is home from an academic conference, with another one next month. Fortunately, even with a bum shoulder, I can take care of myself, for values of 'take care of myself' that mean 'play video games and keep the house clean enough that Wife does not despair of me.' Mariposa was ecstatic, because All The Thia Snuggles! Fluff snubbed me, in place of snubbing her actual mother. Wife is okay with this, because it means she doesn't have to spend half a day reassuring Fluff that she was Not Actually Abandoned.
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For most of the past year, we had internet via Comcast, and it was fairly stable. Then, not quite a month ago, we signed a three-year contract, and; the internet goes down, stays down, ain't nobody happy except maybe Comcast. Grr. )

Oh dear.

Aug. 19th, 2016 01:25 pm
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Monday: Come home. Internet is out, for no clear reason. Wife calls Internet Provider. They do not have any appointments for Tuesday, how about Wednesday? No, Wednesday is the (one!) day this week when Wife has to come into town, rather than work from home. We settle on Thursday.

Tuesday: Due to other commitments, I get home late. Internet has been up and down, wife tells me.

Wednesday: Get home at normal time. Internet is up (after being down that morning). Internet Provider calls and suggests, since internet is working, that we can delay appointment. Wife reluctantly agrees.

Thursday: Get home just as the heavens open with a wicked bad thunderstorm. Wife and I consider going out for dinner, then look at the aforementioned downpour and decide against it. Wife and I start making dinner, and have just put ravioli into boiling water when there is a tremendous flash and KER-BOOM just outside our living room window. We have barely calmed our pulses when the power abruptly goes out.

Fortunately, ravioli is cooked. We light candles, and turn on flashlights, to finish fixing dinner. Then we curl up with book (her) and computer (me - I was finishing ripping CDs that I'd borrowed from our local library), before trying to sleep. Have just managed uneasy doze when power equally abruptly comes back on, and we must get up and toddle around, turning off all the lights.

Today: Internet was up this morning. This evening, wife and I are going out for happy hour with my co-workers. Hopefully everything will be cooperative when we get home.
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This isn't as active as it used to be, and not just due to Tumblr migration*. However, inasmuch as Tumblr claims the sky is falling (again), and also because I am mildly curious as to who's still paying attention: behold a poll!

Poll #17616 Why are you here?
Open to: Registered Users, detailed results viewable to: All, participants: 11

I read Thia's posts when she is talking about:

View Answers

A fandom that interests me (and only then)
2 (18.2%)

Fannish content in general (you never know where you'll find the next shiny thing)
10 (90.9%)

Personal stuff (hi, people who probably know me in RL!)
7 (63.6%)

Writing stuff (still a thing)
8 (72.7%)

Other post-types which I shall mention in the comments
1 (9.1%)

*I'm better about being active on Tumblr - username also Jennaria there, for the curious - but most of my Tumblr content is reblogs, which require a lot less effort.
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The first thing you need to know about the 1935 movie adaptation of LES MISERABLES is that it was made during the era of the Motion Picture Production Code, also known as the Hays Code. This required, among other things, that 'special care' be taken when portraying the history of another country, theft, sympathy for criminals, sedition, "the sale of women, or of a woman selling her virtue," and "titles or scenes having to do with law enforcement or law-enforcing officers."

Why Thia, I hear you say, doesn't that cover pretty much the entirety of Les Mis? What's left, an overview of the sewers of Paris?

What's left can easily fit into less than two hours, which says something on its own. )


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