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04 - if you could make a spin-off of any anime, what would it be?

Not a clue. At the moment, I can more easily think of anime that I am intensely glad stopped where they did, because their manga originals wandered off to Places I Do Not Want.

(The anime in question: first, INU X BOKU SS - anime is remarkably fluffy romance, manga original is fluffy romance until it kills off most of the characters and has them reborn and then angst about how they will never regain the fluffy romance. :wince: EDIT: according to Wikipedia, my objections are irrelevant, because after the angsting we bring in time travel to fix everything. ...thank you, mangaka? END EDIT. Second, USAGI DROP, where the entire anime is soft gentle adoptive-family adorable, and the manga is the same until it time-skips and has the daughter-figure realize she is in love with her father-figure, but it's okay because they aren't biologically related! OH JOHN RINGO NO.)

In any case: will put a pin in this one as well, and see if I can come up with anything later.

SECOND EDIT: This has now been answered on Day 20, here - warning for spoilers for SHINGU: SECRET OF THE STELLAR WARS.
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03 - which anime made you laugh the hardest?

I don't watch much 'comedy' as a genre - not even outside of anime. Way too much either hits my embarrassment squick, or else the cast are assholes. Or both! (See also: OSOMATSU-SAN and EXCEL SAGA, both of which I saw recommendations for as OMG FUNNIEST THING EVER, and no. I managed all of one episode each, and then noped out hard.) I'm more likely to laugh at manga.

But after rummaging through my past catalog, I found a couple OVAs that did make me laugh! DRAGON-HALF (heroine is half-dragon! unfortunately, her love is a dragon hunter! whoops, nothing for it but to enter an enormous tournament for reasons that I don't remember and may not have been explained), and SHINESMAN (loving parody of super-sentai e.g. Power Rangers - I've only seen the dubbed version, which is glorious).
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02: Has an anime ever made you cry?


This isn't actually all that impressive? I cry easily. You can have the most blatantly obvious, string-pulling, 'At least I got to see you - one last time!' tear-jerking moment, and I'll still be there crying my eyes out.

Tangent! Among the reasons why it took me a Really Long Time to get into anime: back when I was in college - late 90s - one of my friends was talking about a movie/OVA, where they had gone in with the assumption that the characters on the front cover of the DVD would live, and instead every single one of 'em had died. This, combined with an attempt to show me anime which featured the last few episodes of the first season of MAGIC KNIGHT RAYEARTH (see the descriptions of episodes 17-20 on that link) and the first episode or two of KEY THE METAL IDOL - well, it left me with the impression that anime, as a genre, was hella depressing and why would I want to watch it. This impression did not get fixed for :ahem: a long time.
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Semester starts next week, which means work will become Work, and my free time will involve mostly decompressing from Work (and maybe hopefully writing). I have not been great about posting here, and current world news is mostly making me grind my teeth and ratcheting up my anxiety, so! An anime meme, as borrowed from [personal profile] kalloway, as adapted from Taichara.

01: What is your #1 favorite anime?

Right now? Probably Yuri!!! On Ice. (Do I have a post burbling about YoI? Apparently not, the closest I have is here. Huh.) But really, I do agree with [personal profile] kalloway that this should be the last question, not the first, so I'm going to put a pin in this and try to remember to come back to it at the end of the six weeks.
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I have posted the first installment of this on AO3, here. Whee! (I have an outline, so here's hoping that I can get the remaining three chapters written in, y'know, less than a year. :wince: Not a fast writer, me.)

Also, here is photographic proof that the cats are starting to tolerate each other in close proximity, also featuring my wife's hand and my feet. I repeat: whee!
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For Not Prime Time, I received an adorable BACCANO! fic, Chane LaForet Sorts Out Her Feelings After Breaking a Man's Arm - despite the title, there is considerably less violence than in canon, and considerably more introspection, which makes sense given Chane is the viewpoint character. But there's a gorgeous swelling emotion in the fic, like being on the top of a rising wave, because Claire might be the kind of guy who instantly falls in love (and means it), but Chane needs to think things through. (Also the writing style closely resembles that of a good friend, but she swears she didn't write it, so I eagerly await Friday and finding out who my friend's writing-doppelganger is.)

I wrote for a fandom I've never written before, and a pairing that I hadn't originally offered. Whee? But my recipient loved it, and so did other people, so I can bask in Achievement Unlocked: New Fandom/Pairing. :-D
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* Wife and I only went for Friday and Saturday. Total count: two autographs each, looked in at 10 panels total (noped out of one before it even started, snuck into two late because we wanted to see the following panel, snuck out of three before the end either to get to another panel or because the Q&A had hit the 'oh, fandom' point), and lots and lots of art. :halo:

Behind the cut: Favorite Unexpected Thing, Knew It Would Be Hell Yes, In Comparison, Largest Contingent of Cosplayers, a link to photos, and an overview of the Yuri on Ice-centric parts of the con! )
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There are lots of things about going to cons that I remember perfectly! (Bring water. Bring soda. Bring money (and have a clear plan as to budget). Wear good walking shoes, because you will be on your feet more than you expect. The 5-2-1 rule. Etcetera.) I'd just forgotten the following, which inevitably happens a day or so after the schedule is released:

*"Ooo, the schedule! Gotta look through that and see what we want to do!"
* :look look look: "That panel looks interesting...oh, and gotta do this...and can't skip the AMVs..."

(Brought to you by MomoCon scheduling the AMVs and the Yuri On Ice actor panel opposite each other. Along with three other panels that look fascinating. DAMMIT.)
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The other reason I've been sleeping like crap - I'm out of the habit of sleeping on my own. But Wife is home now, and sitting on me as necessary to keep me from over-doing it in general.

We still went out to see GUARDIANS OF THE GALAXY VOL. 2 this afternoon, which I very much enjoyed. Cut just in case - I don't get into detailed spoilers, but for those as are still wary. )
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Dear adorable small cat,

I love you too. Now please stop trying to climb up and lie across my chest so I can't breathe. (More than I already can't breathe because bronchitis.) Try following your sister's example, and curl up next to me for a change! ...okay, stalking off and leaving the room is also an option.

Dear Hogwarts,

THANK YOU FOR LIKING ME I LIKE YOU TOO. (Annual review! Positive results! And yes, I did say something very similar to this to my boss.)

Dear wife,

Oh thank God you'll be home today. We can haz naptiem?
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* Spent yesterday spring cleaning. The upside: clean house! The downside: vacuuming should not leave me this sore. Boo.

* Went out with friends to a restaurant not even five minutes from our house, which we have driven past hundreds of times but never gone in. Good food, decent prices, and has excellent onion rings, which is not to be sniffed at. Now we know!

* Signed up for Not Prime Time, in part because I actually have Sufficient Fandoms that (a) I would be happy to get a story in, and (b) I could write a story in. It's sorta sticking my toe back in the fannish waters - the only fanfic I've posted for the past few years has been Yuletide, assignments I've snagged off the pinch-hitter's list.
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I check AO3 semi-regularly for more Yuri On Ice Stories I Am Interested In, which (as usually happens) are getting thinner on the ground. Unfortunately, this means I'm hitting the stage of the fandom life-cycle where I start to get grumpy.

...specifically, dear fanfic authors: why the heck are you writing stories wherein the only trace of this being a Yuri On Ice fanfic, as opposed to Any Other Fandom Ever, is the names? I don't even mean that I don't agree with the characterization. I mean 'fairy tale retelling' wherein the prince is now named Victor, and the brave maiden who rescues him is now a boy named Yuuri, and the helpful fairy is now (depending on which retelling) either Minako or Phichit, and Russian Yuri appears for at most three sentences to yell at everyone before vanishing again.

If you're going to write a fairy tale retelling, couldn't you maybe pick (a) a non-Disney fairy tale, and (b) think about what putting the YOI characters into the roles would mean? I don't feel like that's too much to ask. Grump.
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* I would be a lot more fond of Ed Sheeran's 'Shape of You' if they played the karaoke version. Or a filk version. I have no use for the lyrics, but the music is very nice.

* I am eyeing world news warily from afar. Someday I am going to find the balance between keeping aware and not jacking up anxiety levels to AHHH WE'RE ALL GONNA DIE. Today is not that day.

* I've pretty much already migrated over to DW, with increasingly minimal cross-posting to LJ. To accept the WTF T&C long enough to back up everything and delete, or just to leave my old LJ to die of neglect? These are the decisions, aren't they.
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So Wife and I were talking about DragonCon, in sort of the same way that mountaineers who live in the Aosta Valley talk about the Matterhorn (I imagine) - namely, we want to tackle it, but it would be a really big thing.

"Part of it is just the physical toll," says the Wife (who walked with a cane before this most recent issue with her ankle). "I wish I could bring a wheelchair."

"Cosplay," I suggest. "Virtue of necessity kind of thing. Barbara Gordon as Oracle?"

"No," she says thoughtfully. "Maybe Professor Xavier - I don't mind shaving my head. And you could be Jean Grey."

"Hell no, I'll be Magneto," I say, without actually thinking this through beyond volunteering to be Ian McKellen to her Patrick Stewart.

...end result is that now she's looking up how much a Magneto helmet costs, and what exact outfits would be required. We're not even in this fandom. I have seen three out of six X-Men films (not counting any of the Wolverine films, which I also haven't seen). Dear lord, what have I done.
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I might need to see it again - not so much because I liked it that much, as because I wasn't seeing it as its own movie. I was seeing it as all the bits and pieces that were the same, or changed, or in dialogue with* the animated movie, which I love with the unreasoning love of the 13-year-old Thia-let who originally saw it.

*'in dialogue with' here means 'holy crap I noticed that (e.g. why did nobody remember the castle) and they clearly noticed it as well and are saying something about it (e.g. a mention during the prologue that the memory blank was part of the sorceress's spell).'

More detail about what I liked or didn't like beneath the cut, because SPOILERS HO. No really, so much spoilers. )
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So I finally persuaded a friend to watch YURI!!! ON ICE, and she is ded of cute. Also only through episode 5. "Rec me fanfic!" she says.

So I go to my AO3 bookmarks, and realize that pretty much everything is spoileriffic. And not just in a 'they get together canonically' sort of way (she already knows that). Half my bookmarks spoil Episode 10, and the other half spoil at least through Cup of China.

I turn to y'all for suggestions. Help?


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