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BOKU NO HERO ACADEMIA: Almost everyone is born with a Quirk (see also: super-power). Our main character isn't. He still wants to be a super-hero, because he idolized the best of them (a guy called All Might, oy vey). This involves a specialized high school, because this is an anime.

Honestly, I might be able to swallow all that? But our hero also has the obligatory Rival/Enemy/Bully, who in this particular case is turned up to 11, and grated on both me and Wife hardcore. That took the series from 'eh' to 'fuck no,' as I am fairly sure the series is not, in fact, going to oblige me by dropping the character out the high window he already richly deserves.

ONE PUNCH MAN: I keep seeing posts about this series floating around Tumblr, so when the series appeared on Netflix (in Japanese even), I gave it a shot. First episode is lacking in plot, or background, or anything other than sheer id satisfaction - he's strong! he can take down any opponent with one punch! How the heck is this a series again? But there's something to be said for sheer id satisfaction, and I'm reliably informed that something vaguely (very vaguely) resembling a plot appears, once Pretty Android Boy meets up with our hero, so in the queue it stays.

MIRACULOUS LADYBUG: Teenagers! In Paris! She has a crush on his civilian identity, he has a crush on her masked identity, together they Fight Akuma (which apparently latch onto people who are angry - for, uh, any reason? I'm not clear - and turn them into super-powered villains). So far I wasn't hugely impressed: the show just felt really, really young to me. Apparently I need to go find my own cane and shake it at those whippersnappers on my TV. :-/


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