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* Wife and I only went for Friday and Saturday. Total count: two autographs each, looked in at 10 panels total (noped out of one before it even started, snuck into two late because we wanted to see the following panel, snuck out of three before the end either to get to another panel or because the Q&A had hit the 'oh, fandom' point), and lots and lots of art. :halo:

*Favorite Unexpected Thing: somehow I hadn't registered that the voices of Pinky and the Brain were coming? We went to their panel, which was sorta fan Q&A but mostly them riffing off of whatever questions they were given, and totally worth it.

*Knew It Was Coming, Hell Yes: Artist's Alley. Yes, we came away with lots of YoI fanart, but also a bunch of other art, some of which is legit getting framed because holy shit.

*In Comparison: supposedly MomoCon has about the same attendance as Anime Boston. However, the conference center was larger (or maybe just better arranged), and exponentially less echo-y. Also, more cosplayers of color (which may just be an Atlanta vs. Boston thing). Likewise, panelists seemed to be deliberately drawn from Not Just White Guys - lots of women, lots of people of color, without those being mutually exclusive categories.

*Largest Contingent of Cosplayers: Steven Universe. Not sure if it was because they had most of the SU voice cast as guests, or if it's because the fandom's just this year's monolith.

*Cosplayer photos (which do not actually include Steven Universe): posted on Tumblr, mostly Yuri on Ice to nobody's surprise.

*Oh, Yes, Yuri On Ice: Fan panel on Friday, handicapped by the fact that their tech refused to cooperate (they finally managed to show us the Welcome To The Madness video by playing it on a laptop, turned around to face the con camera so it would show on the big screen). Also went for the autographs of the dub voices of Victor and Yuuri. They had them as separate lines, which meant that I wound up jumping over to Jerry Jewell (the voice of Victor) to catch him before he left (with permission from the people waiting behind me in line!). Josh Grelle (the voice of Yuuri), on the other hand, insisted on taking his time, getting photos with any cosplayers, and staying to sign for all the people who'd been in line for him before the cut-off time.

Saturday was their panel (Jerry Jewell and Josh Grelle) - which had an enormous line for a good forty-five minutes before the doors opened for the panel. Lots and lots of cosplayers, and general enthusiasm. Interesting bits: Jerry Jewell has not actually seen the entire series, just Victor's scenes. (He protests that he was very busy that broadcast season, and promises he'll watch it before the con that the two of them are attending with the Japanese creator in Texas (?), next month. ...oh dear.) Josh Grelle has watched it all, and loves it. Grelle was able to quote his favorite Yuuri line ("PORK CUTLET BOWL? DID I ACTUALLY SAY THAT? I'M JUST GONNA GO DIE!">, but Jewell was able to improvise a Victor line in response to a (different) fan question (question: Would you like a steamed bun? Victor: "Only if they're Yuuri's in a sauna.") Lots of discussion about the ins and outs of voice acting, especially how broadcast dubbing works. Successful in reminding me how shiny YoI is, so that was good.
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